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Sabtu, 08 Mei 2010

Car in Future

future-car-1.jpgFuture Car Wallpaper

Want to impress your friends and possibly score a girlfriend? How about purchasing this sweet-ass "Fastlane" car of the future? You can "Buy It Now" on eBay for a cool $15,000. But before you push the button: It's not really a car. It's a shell designed to fit on top of a Pontiac Fiero. Which is not included in the auction. So, yeah. It was designed for Universal Pictures by concept car maker Trans FX for use in a movie or something. I know it can't actually go anywhere, but I still think I want it. I'll just use a flatbed trailer to tote it to the bar and then slide it off into a parking spot. Then I'll proceed to get some lucky lady extremely drunk and ask if she wants to see my fancy sports car from the future. Hopefully she won't notice there's not a goddamn thing inside and will still make out with me while we're sitting on the pavement inside. What, where's my sense? I'll throw a tarp down. I may even add a boombox for some makeout tunage.

Five more pictures after the jump, including one of what you'd see during a makeout session.

future-car-2.jpgFuture Car Right Side

future-car-3.jpgFuture Car Left Side

future-car-4.jpgFuture Car Back

future-car-5.jpgFuture Car Front

future-car-6.jpgFuture Car in Side


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