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Minggu, 23 Oktober 2011

Sebelum Tewas Putra Khadafi Sempat Minum Air dan Merokok!

Sebelum Tewas, Putra Khadafi, Mo'tassim yang turut tewas bersama ayahnya Khadafi, ternyata sempat minum air dan merokok sebelum detik-detik kematiannya.

Alive: Mutassim Gaddafi drinks water and smokes a cigarette before his death in Sirte

A wound is visible on Moutassim's neck and his clothes are spattered with blood as he looks resigned to his fate

Moments before death: Mutassim lies on a sofa, his white vest bloodied after his capture

Keadaan semasa hidup:

Before the fall of Libya to forces loyal the National Transitional Council, Mutassim lived a life of excess, once telling an girlfriend he spent £1.3million a month

Keadaan saat meninggal:

Dead: Gaddafi's son Mutassim was also killed in a firefight in Sirte


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