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Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Top 5 Asian Sexy Girls

Asian girls aren't known for having large busts, but these girls are proving the stereotypes wrong. However, it's more than just size that counts. I also graded them based on how well their bust looked on their body, meaning it has to fit! Also only natural busts counted, so only girls who have claimed that they are natural, or have been proven to be natural, or through popular opinion and analysis are deemed natural can count.

Aki Hoshino

When you see this girl, especially if she's in a bikini, you pretty much know you've died and gone to heaven. Aki Hoshino has OUTRAGEOUS proportions, and it's hard to believe that she naturally has a chest that big. Because of her unbelievable proportions, Hoshino got an ultrasound to prove that they are real. Although Hoshino is getting a little older now, we hear that she's into younger guys.

Hyori Lee

Hyori Lee is absolute perfection in its purest form. While her bust may not be as impressive as the other girls on this list, she also has the upper body that fit the best with the rest of her body. So besides her valuable asset above her waist, it's her entire body that has the whole world bowing down to her immense beauty. Like Aki Hoshino, Hyori underwent an ultrasound to prove that her boobies didn't have any silicone in them.


A relative newcomer that I became aware of after she was posted on Amped Asia. Everyone in Korea has accused her of getting her boobs done, but she has always vehemently denied getting bigger boobs and I believe her. The reason I believe that her boobs are real is that she has very nice D-cups, yet she still doesn't have the pictures to properly showcase them. Wouldn't YOU be dying to show off your newly purchased boobs if you had gotten them fixed?

Harumi Nemoto

Ahh, another Japanese gravure idol! They bust out the busty ladies in Japan like crazy! It must be their diet or something, because Harumi Nemoto has a crazy bust size and has been one of the most popular busty ladies in the Japanese modeling biz ever since her debut.

Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau is a model from Hong Kong, and most notably she has been in FHM Taiwan. Although she's got a lot of haters out there, she still has the body of a goddess no matter what people say. And her ample cleavage definitely is a main reason why. She denies ever getting plastic surgery.


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