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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Bono Turns Up Drunk To Meetings ! Result : Legal Battle Over "Spiderman" Musical !

Shocking allegations claim U2 front-man Bono was "distracted" by supermodels and even turned up drunk to meetings regarding the ill-fated "Spiderman" musical which the singer was working on.

Show producer Julie Taymor has accused Bono of behaving badly in the on-going legal dispute following her dismissal from the Broadway production "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark" last March.

The 51 year-old star, whose real name is Paul Hewson, is known for his humanitarian work and often rubs shoulders with world leaders. He has also been happily married to wife Alison for 29 years.

But Taymor claims behind closed doors he is nothing like his saintly image and "severely" hampered the progress of the show.

According to "The Daily Mail", the court documents refer to an email sent by the 59 year-old's writing partner Glen Berger, which read: "He showed up in our room with Christy Turlington and a couple other supermodels and he had already had a few beers, rendering him useless.

"So the producers postponed the meeting till the next afternoon, but that meeting never happened."

The producer claimed this was not a one off and that Bono, and U2 band mate were "frequently" distracted from their duties on the show.

The claims may affect rumours that the singer is to join the "Andrew Lloyd Webber talent show", looking for a Jesus Christ Superstar performer as a judge.

In my opinion, this is undoubtedly inexcusable! Especially for a singer like Bono! Undeniably unprofessional!

What do you think?

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