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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Steven Tyler Rehab

Steven Tyler knows the rock lifestyle a little too well. So, let's be honest, no one expects Steven Tyler to be an angel. In fact, many people would be disappointed if he didn’t play the part of the "bad boy" so perfectly. However, falling off the stage in the middle of a show is a little much.

Steven Tyler's drug abuse was undeniably out of control.
Just for the record, Tyler shocked fans and enraged band mates when he literally toppled off of the stage during a South Dakota concert in 2009. Microphone in hand, Steven Tyler slipped right off the stage while singing, "Love In An Elevator." While this sounds like something off of America’s Funniest Home Videos, Tyler’s injuries were so severe that Aerosmith was forced to cancel the rest of their tour. He broke his left shoulder! Not that fun eh?

Of course, Tyler’s band mates did not take kindly to this little setback. Joe Perry, after this incident, threatened to replace Tyler with another singer if Tyler couldn’t get his act together. It was clear to the band that Steven was back on drugs and they were not about to let the band fall apart due to Tyler’s addiction.

In order to maintain his position as front man of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, Tyler checked himself into rehab in May 2008. He spent 90 days at the Las Encinas Hospital, in Pasadena, California, which many may know as the site of the popular show "Celebrity Rehab." Tyler was treated for an addiction to prescription painkillers, which he had been struggling with for a few years. After suffering numerous injuries on the road, Tyler had been relying on these medications to get him through his tours.

Dr. Brian McKeon, who is treating Tyler, said in a statement that orthopedic injuries over the past decade have left the singer with severe chronic pain that will require surgeries on his knees and feet.

Tyler checked into rehab last year to recover from several foot surgeries and physical therapy. Tyler said the procedures were to correct longtime foot injuries resulting from his physical performances with Aerosmith.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Tyler has been struggling with addiction his whole life!It has to be mentioned that he went on rehab many times. In 1986, Tyler also spent some time in a rehabilitation facility, fighting an addiction to stimulants and heroin. He was even expelled from Roosevelt High School, in 1966, because of his problems with drugs. While he did go on to graduate from the Leonard Quintano for Young Professionals School, this just goes to show how long Tyler has been dealing with addiction.

Steven Tyler has been on rehab for 90 days!
But 90 days on rehab is really a sufficient amount of time to tackle a 10-year addiction to painkillers? Usually, drug addicts enter programs as long as three-to-six months.

According to Dr. John Grohol:" There doesn’t seem to be a standard length of time and that many variables help determine the length of stay, including type of treatment program(hospital-based versus freestanding residential program), length of addiction (years versus decades), court-ordered versus individual’s choice, and how much effort the person puts into their own treatment."

Dr. Grohol also pointed out that, according to SAMHSA statistics, "the average length of stay in a hospital-based program is 11 days. For residential programs, it’s 20 days for "short-term" and 46 days for "long-term," and went on to note that in the case of a celebrity, just like in the case of a non-celebrity, it all boils down to the individual:

"I think the key in an individual celebrity’s case is we don’t know how much effort or time they actually spent on working on themselves while in the program. Some people with serious alcohol problems probably can do significant work in 30 days if they’re dedicated to change. Other people, even with 90 days or 6 months, might not be helped very much at all. Length of treatment is just one of many variables that determines a successful outcome."

Steven Tyler admitted his past problems with substance abuse cost him his family and almost his band.

In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in America, he reveals, "I got all my friends that are sober now... I can't get back into that world. I can stay high onstage and stay high... I mean out here with you right now my hearts pounding... But you never know if it's going to stick. I just keep with my programme, wish and hope."

Steven Tyler continues "I don't want to go back to that place... That place lost me my kids, a marriage, a band... A lot of things and it's for real. That's how dangerous that is. So I take it serious."

Tyler told "Rolling Stone" that trouble first began within the band when he took a year off to battle hepatitis C, which he announced in 2006. "It was beyond hell," he said. "Three months in, my wife left me for being unfaithful on the road. All these things, it just crippled me, wore me down." After 12 years of sobriety, Tyler began using drugs again, which led him to fall off a stage in 2009 in South Dakota. "I was using and fell off the stage," he said. "I was snorting fuckin' Lunesta. I got 19 stitches, broke my shoulder. No one in the band called me for 27 weeks. It about killed me. I'm Italian so it almost took me down....Joe didn't come visit me."

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