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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Artis Thalita Latief PAMER PAHA MULUS Gan

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief

Thalita Latief Participate Environmental Concern

Thalita Latief
beautiful artist apparently concerned with environmental problems that often occur. Especially because she is domiciled in Jakarta who experience frequent flooding, it would not want Thalita Latief must participate and maintain their environment.

Met at the Mega Concert Ramadhan RCTI, Thalita Latief sounds very eloquent in explaining the disasters that are now emerging to happen.

"I think it could be a warning or exam. Flood, global warming, it is back again to the people. Actually we should be back to yourself wrote. How do we maintain with good nature," she explained.

Thalita Latief also added, "It can start from small things, such as taking out the trash properly, in its place. It has to be there more for the socialization of society, to care about the environment. emang People should know."

If for example the Earth gets a second chance, what would be done Thalita Latief? Simple, as expressed Thalita Latief , "Surely the best will do. We can not only free from death, we do not know will live person, but when we treat nature well of course their causes will be minimal."


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